Tonneau Cover Hinge Plug

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The Tonneau Cover Hinge Plug (#64974-04010), a crucial body part in the Cover Top system, plays a pivotal role in securing the tonneau cover effectively. This plug works as the connective link between the tonneau cover and the vehicle body, allowing smooth opening and closing while providing security and protection in the process. Genuine parts like this are essential for maintaining your Toyota's compatibility, and they come with the added confidence of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like any other part, the Tonneau Cover Hinge Plug (#64974-04010) may require periodic replacement. If it becomes old, clogged, or non-operational, it may compromise the effective functioning of the cover top system, leading to potential leaks or theft. By maintaining the integrity of this part, you uphold the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota, providing peace of mind in all your journeys.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64974-04010

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