Radiator Hose Sub-Assembly

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The Radiator Hose Sub-Assembly (#16057-WAA01), a critical component within the Radiator & Water Outlet system, serves an essential role in maintaining your Toyota's engine performance. As an Engine-Fuel part, it works to transport coolant between the engine and radiator, effectively regulating engine temperature. Being a genuine Toyota part, this assembly ensures optimal compatibility with your vehicle, and is covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like all parts, it is subject to wear. Aged, clogged or broken hoses can cause a coolant leak or an overheating engine, leading to potential engine damage. Replacing this part at recommended intervals helps maintain not only engine performance but also improves safety by preventing overheating. Thus, the Radiator Hose Sub-Assembly (#16057-WAA01) is indispensable for the efficient and safe operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16057-WAA01

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