Brake Tube Clamp #2 with Grommet

About this product

The Brake Tube Clamp #2 with Grommet (#47372-35010), a critical component in the Drive-Chassis Brake Tube & Clamp and Transfer Vacuum Piping systems, plays a pivotal role in holding and securing the brake tube in place. This Toyota Autoparts component is designed to withstand extreme conditions while ensuring the brake tube does not move or vibrate during operation. Further, this clamp can wear out over time, leading to reduced capability to secure the tube, which could result in a potential leak or break in the brake tube. This would inevitably compromise the braking system's efficiency, safety, and overall functioning. Opting for genuine Toyota Autoparts not only assures compatibility with your vehicle but is also backed up by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In summary, the Brake Tube Clamp #2 with Grommet (#47372-35010) directly contributes to the safety and efficiency of your vehicle by maintaining the integrity of the brake tube and thus the entire braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47372-35010

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