Tonneau Cover Release Cable Mid

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The Tonneau Cover Release Cable Mid (#64962-04010), a vital component in Toyota's Cover Top system, plays a key role in smoothly operating the cover of your vehicle’s trunk space. This part assists in the secure locking and unlocking mechanism of the tonneau cover, ensuring your belongings are safe and protected. The cable enables easy opening and closing of the cover, contributing to the overall operational efficiency of the vehicle. Like all mechanical parts, the Tonneau Cover Release Cable Mid (#64962-04010) can wear out and needs periodic replacement. If neglected, a worn-out cable can make it difficult to operate the tonneau cover, possibly resulting in damage to the cover itself or compromising the safety of the cargo area. Remember, Toyota genuine parts are specifically designed for Toyota vehicles, offering perfect fit and compatibility. Plus, all genuine parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By using genuine parts like the Tonneau Cover Release Cable Mid (#64962-04010), you enhance both the performance and longevity of your Toyota.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64962-04010

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