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The Bulb (#99132-11034), a vital auto part in various Toyota systems such as the Drive-Chassis Shift Lever & Retainer, Electrical Indicator, Interior Lamp, Meter, and Switch & Relay & Computer systems, has a significant role. In operation, it emits light, facilitating crucial functions like illuminating dashboards, indicating turn signals, and providing interior lighting. The bulb is a component that periodically requires replacement as over time, it may burn out or become less bright, potentially creating safety issues, like reduced visibility in low-light conditions or failure in signal transmission. Genuine Toyota Bulb (#99132-11034)s are highly recommended for compatibility with your vehicle and have the additional advantage of being covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, the bulb enhances the efficiency and safety of the systems wherein it is installed by ensuring optimal illumination and signal transmission.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 81810-60010;81460-60010;00234-00363;00060-00363;99132-13030;90981-11011;81810-60060;81810-60011;99132-13003;99132-13034 More
Part Number 99132-11034

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